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Hahaha! That generator is pretty damn funny. Now I know why I never watched that show.
I love the completely meaningless quotes it comes up with.

Originally Posted by Jezlad View Post
So you're a wanker?
Who cares? Anyone that says they don't wank is a lying twat. Wank hard, wank often.
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I don't like how love is portrayed in movies. I would rather have it portrayed comming out of the protagonist, rather than having the interest be some sort of "special guy/girl".

In love, just like anything else, no one is special, you are the one who love.

I would like to see a drama about this.

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Oh I have so many of these *cracks fingers*

1. NO MORE BABIES BEING BORN AS SEASON FINALES! I am so sick of the "Oh we're pregnant". Yes we all know pregnancy happens but does it always have to be some super huge cliched season ender.

2. Yeah I know the main guy in season one will end up with one of the main girls from season one by the end of the series. Sorry to ruin the surprise and yes I know there will be plenty of will they, won't they but in the end they always end up together.

3. If you no longer care about your TV program to write interesting episodes then end it. I am so tired of watching a really witty comedy show turn in slapstick shenanigans by season 5 because they just don't care anymore.

4. Black guys don't just date and marry asian women! And please stop making a black guy with a white girl such a HUGE issue for one episode, christ it's the 21st century already!

5. Kids are not witty. I know I know we all think our special little darling is the smartest most witties thing walking the planet, but he ain't more than likely he's a booger and paste eating shit machine who gives too much sass (yeah I said sass).

6. Most social rejects are not witty. Sorry but if you really met that girl with the flower in her hair she wouldn't be quoting Kafka, most likely she'll be quoting some bullshit she wrote back in middle school.

7. Smoking is NORMAL! Most people who smoke are not villians, crazy, or heroic badasses.

8. If your show has some strange gimmick, drop it, it's not going to be funny by the end of Season 2 and really by Season 4 it's probably going to downright annoying.

I know there are more, but these will do for now.
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That emos are faking to get attention. Complete nonsense - it's all phsycological.

If someone lacks intelligence, than he is not stupid, because one cannot be stupid without intelligence.

If someone reverts to having to complain about your grammar, then you already won.
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Films: A girl with glasses is considered 'alternative'; taking off her glasses, giving her a nice dress and a make over unlocks the inner prom queen.

Real Life: You've just forced a young woman to completely alter the style she was comfortable with to dress up to your 'mainstream' standards, she's not retarded she knows that contact lenses and dresses exist without your help- dick.
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I really enjoy dancing, and watching people dance. However, plot is rarely employed when they make dance films, especially in the last few years.

Pick any 3 of these cliches, add talented dancers (acting skill is not really important), and you've made a hollywood movie! What's more, these are pretty much interchangeable with any films that involve a team or sport/activity of some sort.

a) Skilled, attractive, but troubled loner must overcome personal issues and learn to work in a team to acheive something.

b) Skilled and experienced team are betrayed by one of their own who has joined rival team. HE'S STOLEN ALL OF OUR MOVES.

c) Close friends and likely leaders of team have enormous fight over girl/boy. Finally stop having petty disagreement and re-unite the team due to death of family member/friend.

d) Unlikely group of rejects are thrown together in haphazard circumstances. Turns out they are all very talented, and become socially acceptable through showcasing their newfound skills.

e) Protagonist is very good at 'x'. Protagonist is forced into new location where everyone is mad about 'xx' but mock him for being good at 'x'. Struggling 'xx' team (or love interest) recruit protagonist, and mix 'x' and 'xx' together to the amazement of the entire world.

f) The rich and well-educated authority figure takes pity on the poor, yet naturally talented youth, wishing to mould them into a perfect student. After much animosity, the two garner a mutual respect and win a trophy.

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All cars explode when they go off a bridge/cliff/tall structure. No they don't. Nothing on or in a car becomes explosive if it becomes airborne.

One bullet = one kill. The hero fires 10,000 rounds of ammunition through a 120 minute movie only to be down to his last sidearm pistol round and, BANG! he caps the head baddie and the movie ends.

Guy likes girl, girl falls for guy, guy looses girl, guy gets girl back, movie over. I hate those movies.

Those are my top three.
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I hate actors (and people in general, really) call an ammunition magazine a clip. They are two different things.
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All relgios groups in movies are eaither;

1 - The purest people around and are the main focus of the moive(Blues Brothers etc)
2 - and Evil Cult (Conan, End of days etc)
3 - Are thorwn in jsut to show that they writer/director is a follower of the reliogn and as no impact and any part of the plot(Almsot every movie with Nun's in)
4 - IS a religons moive and there for crap (Passion of Christ)

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The 2 that really get my goat are:

1) The Ranting Christian
i get that there are some mental Christians out there, just like there are in any group, but it is far from the norm. I find it such a tired and boring cliche to watch some insane preacher or obsesive woman demonstrate how unpleasant and weak willed they are until you want them to cop it. Why can't there ever be a up-right or decent Christian character? Better still have both and have the latter shoot the former for being so bloody annoying and wasting so much screen time.

And on a related note, if you must include a mental Christian (because apparantly its morally wrong to have a mental Buddhist/Muslim/Jew which is why they never appear on film) then at least script them so they sound like they've actually read the bible at some point or been to a Christian meeting. Most of the time the writers lack of knowlegde on the subject is painfully obvious, when all the character can do is misquote a famous bible verse here and there or come up with some bogus philosophy that has nothing to do with anything found in the bible.

2) Faux Morals
this is far more common in TV than the last, but it really hacks me off when shows try to over moralise things, in spite of the fact theree is no moral to be found. Scrubs and Ally McBeal were the 2 worst offenders for this. Comedy TV is not the place to explore morality in society in any depth. In fact the comedy leave very little space for such discussion, so the shows just come across as pretensious and shallow rather than deep and meaningful, and it robs the humour from jokes.

Originally Posted by VanitusMalus View Post
8. If your show has some strange gimmick, drop it, it's not going to be funny by the end of Season 2 and really by Season 4 it's probably going to downright annoying.
i would disagree with that. There is nothing worse than the set-up of a show being abandoned half way through. My Name Is Earl is a classic example of this. The first 2 seasons made sense, the list that he was trying to complete made it episodic and gave plenty of scope for story telling. Then the writers got bored of the whole karma thing and it just vanished from the show.

Don't get me wrong the writing was still funny, but the set up became terrible. Without the driving force of the list we were just sitting watching a bunch of hicks mill around their lives aimlessly; which has been done a lot better by other shows like Arrested Developement.
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