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Personally, now that you are mentionning mental images, I don't care about physical descriptions of characters in a book. I'd rather make my own idea of what a character looks like.

And... what his brother? but he should have been sought after and killed long before the beginning of the series if that has been the case!

Then again, look at Jensen... I suppose they don't all get killed.

I was very disappointed with the absence of the people of Adobe.

And By Michael not being a traitor...

And Richard's captivity with Denna should have lasted WAY longer than a single episode, Three or four would be a minimum. What about the whole "awakening the balance between the sword" thing? In the books, he had to love Denna in order to kill her.

Oh and that was supposed to awaken Kahlan's Kun-dar which is an important plot point later because it's what allowed her to travel with the sylph...

Just lol.

Nevertheless, I don't get why it should be necessary to include filler in a series adaptation of a series of book over ten books long. They could have faithfully adapted a format of one book chapter per episode and they still would have to cut somewhere.

As for the gory stuff. I think they make a pretty decent job of sparing us some graphic details. Much of the gore in the books happen on the battlefield, like in real life, and the series has it's share of battle.

Oh, and why did they deleted Giller at the Tamarang episode? And why wasn't Rachel adopted by Chase? Who will free Adie and Zedd when they'll get captured by the Imperial Order then?

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Heh the show is BARELY based on the books to be honest yet it is still good in its own right and I enjoy watching it. I don't mind the actors who play any of the characters aside from Richard. Sorry but the dude is way too weedy and soft voiced to play the person described in the books.

Biggest downfall is the total lack of blood on the weapons during/after fights. Sorry, I call bullshit. I am not saying that it has to be flying everywhere like in Spartacus but for crying out loud there should be a least a little when they run their weapons through someone.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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I agree with you wraith lord. I have never been a fan of Richard in the shows he looks about 15 lol. I haven't read the books yet but i probably will know i have time. I try to look at the tv shows as more of been based on the books not following them religiously like the god awful twilight films lol.

Loads of people in America did a massive DVD drive yesterday on amazon and bought enough copies of lots season 1 to get it into the top 10 sales to try and get it noticed. Lets just hope that these different activities continue and abc can find someone to keep the show alive.
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I'm actually quite surprised it hasn't been picked up by a terrestrial channel here in the UK - usually, things that do well on SyFy get snaffled by one of the major stations (Heroes, Dollhouse, Knight Rider...) - I would love to see the BBC pick it up, but since their budget for imported shows is hovering somewhere around nil at the moment I doubt it will happen.

Oh, Jack Jack - the sword thing starts to crop up in season 2, but they seem to have hijacked some of the sub-plots from the later books to pad it out to 22 episodes. I know Goodkind is a "creative consultant" for the TV series, so the "filler" can't stray too far from the books - but you're right, its best to view them as seperate entities with common themes.

The whole thing with Zedd replacing Giller at Tamarang is because (a) they needed a Zedd focussed episode and (b) they made Giller into a bad guy who betrayed the confessors to Darken Rahl - her discovery of that betrayal is what triggers Kahlan's Kon Dar, not what she thinks happened to Richard.

I am quite miffed that they wrote Adie out of the series though - she's one of the more interesting characters IMO, and they will have to do a lot of retconning to fit her into BotF if it ever gets filmed.

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So Michael ends up giving his life to defeat Darken Rahl while Giller ends up a traitor.

hmmm... seems like they either did not do the research, or maybe they just didn't care.

I fled to chase dreams that I can't yet describe.
I wake up, shivers, I hope my dream wasn't you.
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Originally Posted by Jack Jack View Post

Wait a minute, Darken Rahl dies at the end of season one and Richard Cipher is then revealed to be a sorcere and his son Richard Rahl and new lord of D'Hara right? (in Québec, we get all shows late because they have to dub it first... so I'm mid season 1 atm.)
Going by the rules of the forum, this entire paragraph should have been in spoiler tags (for very obvious reasons). Can everyone try to use them? I don't want to hear "This show is awesome, watch it!" and then be told 3 or so major plot points...

90% of people think they are above average.

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Yeah guys please stick to the rules. As You can see from reading the thread back not everyone has seen it so just be careful what you are mentioning. cheers

The donation DVd drive is back open over on http://www.saveourseeker.com/ they are buying seeker dvds and preordering season 2 in an attempt to get the show noticed and show the popularity of it.
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I'll probably pick up both seasons when 2 is released. I like to support Goodkind, whenever I can.

****TV Spoiler****
Richard's time in Tanimura, was entirely too short. What's up with him giving up his han to Nikki?
How is he supposed to do half of the things he's supposed to do later on in the books?
Where are they supposed to go with Season 3, given Darken Rahl is still alive?
Oh, and did anyone else notice that they mentioned the Anders, book Soul of the Fire, in the episode with the Nygax? I bet that's all they're going to mention from that book.

***Book Spoiler***
Since Goodkind hints at Jagang in Stone of Tears, while Richard is in Tanimura, where are they going to go with season 3? Since Jagang is the overarching enemy pretty much from books 3-10.
I'm curious about the new Richard and Kahlan novel he's writing. Excited about it.
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Apparantely the efforts for Legend of the Seeker are not going unnoticed.

Originally Posted by Wikipedia
In March 2010, TheTorchOnline revealed that ABC Studios are looking to renew the series for Season 3. SyFy almost picked up the show, but due to issues with money, decided against it. According to comments on DirecTV's Twitter page, they are possibly considering picking up Legend of the Seeker for their The 101 Network.
Lets just hope that The 101 Network recognizes quality TV.

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It looked great on paper.
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I've only caught one or two episodes, but the book series is one of my favorites of all times. Hope they DO renew it for further seasons.

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