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Emperor - Toby McGuire (I am sorry, I couldn't help myself . He most probably wouldn't be portrayed in the movie)
Sanguinius -
Alexander Skarsgård
Leman Russ - Vladimir Kulich
Rogal Dorn - Kevin McKidd
Corax -
Christian Bale
Ferrus Manus - Jason Statham
Alpharius/Omegon -
Vin Diesel (he is bald and he has a twin too!)
Horus Lupercal - Ray Stevenson
Roboute Guilliman - Clive Owen
Angron - Dolph Lundgren
Vulkan - ??? (I really don't know)
Lion El'Jonson - Russel Crowe
Fulgrim - Elijah Wood (no, serious!)
Mortarion - Craig Davids
Lorgar - Nick Stahl
Konrad Kurze - Simon Woods
Horus Aximand - Jensen Ackles
Garviel Loken - Eric Bana
Tarik Torgaddon - James Purefroy
Ezekiel Abaddon - Toby McGuire (What's wrong with me?! )

Damn but there are a lot of roles to fill...
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Angron: Dominic West (General in Centurion)
Horus: Eric Banadinović ( Hector in Troy
Rogal Dorn: Daniel Craig (new James Bond)
Perturabo: Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter)
Leman Russ: Ray Stevenson (Titus Pullo from Rome)
Fulgrim: Christoph Waltz (German Officer in Inglorious Bastards)
Vulkan: Denzel Washington (Remember the Titans)
Lion El Johnson: Michael Fassbender (The last centurion in Centurion)
Khan: Gerard Butler (300, Attila)
Mortarion: Luke Goss(Nomak in Blade II)
Magnus: Kevin McKidd (Lucius Verrenus in Rome) Good red hair!
Alpharius: Sean Bean (006/Alec in Golden Eye James Bond) BOROMIR
Guilliman: Brad Pitt (Fight Club)
Corax: Adam Beach (Squanto)
Logar: Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort in Harry Potter)
Konrad Curze: Vin Diesel (Chronicles of Riddick, XXX)

Couldn't find a good actor to portray Ferrus Manus... I also put some movies these guys were in just in case you didnt know who they were.

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The theater goes dark, the screen shows only the blackness of space with a few stars sprinkled around...

A voiceover begins:

"The conquest of the stars was nearly complete."

The black background begins to change, the shape of the Imperial Two-Headed Eagle begins to emerge.

"The greatest warriors in the galaxy were near their final goal."

The Imperial Aquila is now clearly visible against the starry background

"But treachery was closer."

The Aquila cracks in half.

Then a series of scenes flashes...

Zoe Saldana as Mersadie Oliton: "Is it true that you feel no fear?"

Ian McNeice as Ignace Karkasy: "Won't you have a drink with me?"

Renee Zellweger as Euphrati Keeler "Everything we've been told is a lie."

Ioan Gruffudd as "Little Horus" Aximand "It seems our brothers call for aid."

Jason Isaacs as Lord Commander Eidolon "How dare you speak to me in that manner!"

Tim Roth as Lucius "Oh come on, Saul, you know you can't top me."

Ed Harris as Saul Tarvitz "Set those charges!"

Roland Kickinger as Tarik Torgaddon "Let's clean this mess up."

Sean Connery as Kyril Sindermann "These pages contain tales long forgotten."

Vin Diesel as Ezekyle Abaddon: "Garvi, welcome to the Mournival."

Dolph Lundgren as Garviel Loken "Jubal, answer me!"

and Duane "The Rock" Johnson as Horus "My father left me to finish his work."


"In theaters everywhere this Summer"
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Originally Posted by Aryx View Post
I personally think that 90% of the actors mentioned would make horrible SM. While their voices would be good for a CGI movie like Beowulf, they would make crappy Primarchs. They are all skinny and girlie lookin', a SM, a PRIMARCH is a huge, battle scarred, bad ass mothafucka. I just can't see most of hollywood being able to pull it off, I shouldn't be able to beat up the Emperor!!!! Give some of the guys in the WWE and the UFC some acting lessons and we will talk.
Well, CGI would probably work. It looks like it's gonna work for Ultramarines, why not Horus Heresy?
Although voices could be a problem. I'm not sure if this is just me, but some sort of British accent sounds more noble than an American one. (Probably because most of the heroes in high fantasy epics have British accents) A sort of cross between them could work as Space Marine-ish enough, or a very gruff voice for the buffer, more savage Primarchs (coughrusscough) would be great.
And in answer to the problem of the sheer, massive amounts of info in the HH series, a series of movies would be the greatest solution. Either have a really great, big, 15-movie long series, or pick 6 or 7 of the best and see if it's successful enough to merit a few more movies. (That means at least 8 movies, because the end is going to HAVE to be told when it comes out)
That leaves us with the question of which stories, alongside the original question posed by the thread.
All I know is, the Fall of the Angels is going to have to go in there.
BTW, if a HH movie does get made, then what's the bet that people start calling Lion "Lionel Jonson"?

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It would have to be done as a CGI thing, and as a tv series perhaps, sort of like the Clone Wars for Star Wars, only with different graphics(i hate the clone wars graphic effects)

Almost none of the actors listed so far i could imagine as the Primarchs, not as they have been portrayed in the books anyway, i honestly can't think of many actors who could capture the scale of the primarchs. Like Rogal Dorn, i just can't think of any of the actors listed so far as delivering his line from Flight of the Eisenstien "I AM THE IMPERIAL FIST!" It would just be incredibaly hard to cast any of them. Just tried to make my list and i just can't even begin any of them, eveyone i think of just gets whiped off the moment i think of him in the role.

As for the movie, i've always had this montage that would cut in at the final stages of the Seige of Terra. Long shot of the Emperors Palace ruined, the outer walls devastated as Traitors swarm through the breaches, Traitor Titans striding through the ruins. towards the inner walls. Guardsman and citizens being slaughtered in the streets. Bloodthirsters and Lords of change flying through the skies, Great Unclean Ones and Keeper of Secrets going through the streets. Sanguinius throwing the corpse of Ka'Bandha thorugh the Eternity Gate as it finally closes. Cut to Horus on the bridge of the Vengful Spirirt observing the destruction and coming victory, Suddenly a rush of hushed whispers echo(like Lost) and a look of fury cross Horus face. It would then cut to an empty region of space, slowly a battlebarge in the livery of the Space Wolves would start coming into view, the camera would pan around to reveal a massive battlegroup of Imperial ships, Dark Angels and Space Wolves among them, then going to the bridge of one of the ships as Russ and Jonson standing side by side are informed they should arrive in at Terra within a matter of hours.

Dunno why but i can always picture it vividly. This was btw back when in the fluff i read it was a fleet of Dark Angel and Space Wolves arriving together, not UM and SW with the DA a little behind.
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xiawujing wrote:

Emperor = Liam Neeson
That I think could work. Thinking about it now, he does remind me of the Emperor when he play Zeus in Clash of the Titans.


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Speaking of 300. The actor who played the spartan with the hunchback. Use him as he was in the film, but with power armour etc. He can play the traitorous filth... Horus.... perfect!


"Death occurs when a lethal projectile comes together in time and space with a suitable target, in the absence of appropriate armour or protection”

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Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
It would have to be done as a CGI thing, and as a tv series perhaps, sort of like the Clone Wars for Star Wars, only with different graphics(i hate the clone wars graphic effects)
I agree because of the sheer volumer of information that is given in the horus heresy novels it seems the only way to effectively tell this story would be to do a series. hell with all the information you could probably get away with 2 seasons.

I also would like to see a similar series of The Primarchs Origins after they were mysteriously stolen and how the Emperor Recovered them. this could also be a nice series.

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30k primarchs

Hi I'm new here.
Sorry if I'm necroing this thread.
Heres my best take on who should play the primarchs.
This might not be the most realistic attempt. (Three these actors are no longer with us)
I didn't necessaritly go on physical description, although that was a factor for some of them.
I look forward to defending my casting choices.
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I know this gonna get some hate!
Will Ferral as Horus(JK)

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