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View Poll Results: How would you like to see the metagame change for 6th ed?
Transports will become less appealing. 5 8.77%
Tanks will become less powerful with movement/shooting. 5 8.77%
Infantry will play an even more important role than currently. 11 19.30%
People will favour foot-slogging lists over mech. 5 8.77%
Special deployment will become an even greater factor (DS/Outflank/etc). 3 5.26%
IC's will get some sort of massive boost. 1 1.75%
Less focus will be on IC's. 1 1.75%
Lessen the benefits of cover saves. 11 19.30%
4th ed wound allocation. 3 5.26%
Other. 12 21.05%
Voters: 57.

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