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View Poll Results: Which is the very WORST Horus Heresy book?
Horus Rising: The seeds of heresy are sown 2 2.11%
False Gods: The heresy takes root 0 0%
Galaxy in Flames: The heresy revealed 0 0%
The Flight of the Eisenstein: The heresy unfolds 1 1.05%
Fulgrim: Visions of treachery 1 1.05%
Descent of Angels: Loyalty and honour 13 13.68%
Legion: Secrets and lies 9 9.47%
Battle for the Abyss: My brother, my enemy 44 46.32%
Mechanicum: Knowledge is power 5 5.26%
Tales of Heresy: The heresy continues 3 3.16%
Fallen Angels: Deceit and betrayal 3 3.16%
A Thousand Sons: All is dust 1 1.05%
Nemesis: War within the shadows 5 5.26%
The First Heretic: Fall to Chaos 1 1.05%
Prospero Burns: The wolves unleashed 7 7.37%
Voters: 95.

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